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How to get my new eBook: CREEPING VOICES

Hello priceless readers. As earlier said, this post is on how to get my new book on okadabooks as from tomorrow, Monday, November 2nd, 2015.



1.  Buy a #200 naira Etisalat Recharge Card – it’s a lot easier for my Nigerian peeps. You’d need it to recharge your account or better still if you’d like to use GTB, Zenith, Diamond, Paga or PayPal accounts *you can use any of these*
2.  Click on this link

3.  There you’d have a detailed view of the book. Then click on GET THE APP to download the app from Play Store.
4.   Register with your email and a password.
5.  Click on the sidebar of the app. Click again on ACCOUNT/REFILL. Click REFILL in the yellow box, scratch the card, type in the pin and your account becomes automatically recharged or use any of the above listed accounts to recharge. . . For outside the country peeps, PayPal is a good option .
6. Click on STORE on the sidebar, check the #NEW Section, you should find CREEPING VOICES there. Or better still search for it (the search handle is on the right side of the app), it’d bring the book, click on it and buy! It should tell you successful.
7. Finally, go back to the side bar, click on MY BOOKS, you’d see your buy under PURCHASED, then download and there you have your book!

It’s more easier than I have presented.
And if you have the okadabooks app already, skip Steps 2 to 4. Finish.

For BlackBerry users whose phone allows Android Apps, click on this link to get okadabooks for your phone so you can access the book! or use the web app version; it works for all BB, Windows etc. 

Spread the good news guys and start getting your copies en masse only on 

Finally, all reviews are welcomed. . . do share your views on the book after reading and kindly tag me on social media accounts or tag the blog.


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