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Hello beautiful people. . . Happy New Month! Yay! It’s November already and it’s my Month so I’m super excited to welcome this new month that ushers in the last month of the year. . . May your month be blessed and may November leave you with beautiful memories. Amen.

To all November borns (Scorpios and Sagittarius) * m a Scorpio though* I wish you all a happy happy birthday, God’s unending grace, open doors, greater heights, blessings, sound health, unending growth in Him, Amen.

So, I have good news to share;

* Number one, I have decided to renew my commitment to you guys and this blog. A lot has happened ever since I started the fiction series and now that I am more than a conqueror, you my beautiful readers will have my undivided attention *yep!* So in lieu of this, I came up with a timetable *hmmm yea* I don’t want to go AWOL so I want to be accountable to you, my amazing readers’ . . . I really appreciate you all, for visiting my blog, your likes, follows, comments and most importantly, your dedication. I love you all; there’s no blog without you. 

* Number two, I have decided to post at least thrice in a week *at least (so it could be more than* and I picked Tuesdays – Fiction series *and yes, I am completing my first series this year*, Thursday – Dear Doe, Saturdays – sharing my views on issues, book reviews, etc. And other days not timetabled. Trust me, you’d never be bored cos you are in for a treat *yelz*

* Number three, THERE’S AN E-BOOK RELEASE BY YOURS TRULY! I am uber excited about this book because I never thought I would publish a poetic anthology anytime soon or at all. It was never planned, it just happened cos God willed it! Maybe one of these days I would share how I came about writing this book and other stuffs.  This book goes for #200 naira and trust me, it’s not about the money but this piece is too powerful, personal and each one can easily relate to it. . . so yes, I’m letting you in with a price tag so token! And also, that price is too small to validate the book but I want it to be accessible and affordable to all. . . You won’t know this unless you get yours. So I’d be doing a new post on how to get the book. Check it out!

Finally, I’d be giving out gifts to two people at the end of the year. When it’s time, I’d get back to you guys!

I love you all affectionately, *you are very important*

“For the body does not consist of one member but of many. . .” 1 Cor. 12:14


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