Hello there! My awesometastic readers *hehehehe that’s me in Toke Makinwa’s voice*. . . I’m sure you have been having the best of the week!

As I have promised, things are gonna be getting spiced up and my devotion to this blog is gonna be better than ever. Yesterday was my birthday *yea yea! I know right*. So, if I am to gist you small, I’d say I had a beyond-ordinary day. I got messages on phone, social medias, special shout outs by awesome people especially from my friend, Duru. . . it was nothing close to boring. It’s a new year for me and I’m glad, looking forward to God’s amazing blessings, surprises, open doors and growth on every side. . . You all made my last year so awesome and I am so glad and grateful for every minute you set aside to open my blog, read, leave comments and much more. Thank you! I look forward to more of that this new year cos as I always say, this blog is nothing without you guys.

In lieu of the spicing up promised, I have decided to introduce a new category that lets you into a certain part of my life which is the movieing life. So, I watch movies a lot especially American Series; like right now I’m watching a lot like Scandal which is beginning to get on my nerves though (I have followed from Season 1 till now), Greys Anatomy (seasons 1 till 12 now , How to get away with murder, (I have a thing for Shonda Rhimes though – I love her like I can’t quantify it); Empire, Arrow, Scream Queens, Quantico; that’s all for now even though I have bosses who watch like Eight or more than at the moment.

As much as I love watching films, I don’t watch film purposelessly. So, I’d share one of the things I gain unintentionally watching these movies.

Fast forward to Criminal Minds!

I love this series like hell just like I am presently loving Quantico. So, I watched Criminal Minds like a year ago but I wasn’t consistent and now the series is already in Season 13 I guess. And so, I decided to start all over again from Season 1 which I did and I am through with Season One already. I love everybody in the BAU; Gideon is my favourite, followed by Reid, then Garcia, then Morgan, JJ and Aaron Hotchner. . . This isn’t a review, maybe I’d start doing movie/series reviews.

So, there is this episode in Criminal Minds Season 1 – Episode 16 ‘The Tribe’. There, I learnt about a sect of people called the Apaches. They are Indians that came from the Alaskan region, Canada and American South West and they are nomadic. Before, all I knew about Indians was limited to the major ones who speak Hindu etc. That episode showed me what they look like, their hair which is a little different from the everyday Indians we see in Indian Movies, their outlook, a little insights about their practices and culture and after that episode, I wasn’t contented. I was forced to read up about them on Wikipedia and then I found out so many other things.

Little as it might seems, art is teaching; movies, films, writings etc. Let me just say maybe I might not know about these people anytime soon if not for that episode in that movie.

Finally, let me say that many of us say the idiom – Let us bury the hatchet even though we never really know the origin behind that idiom. While I was doing my reading/digging, I discovered that the Apaches went to a war in 1730s with the Spaniards. The long and bloody battles that resulted in many deaths went on until 1743 when a Spanish leader agreed to designate areas of Texas for the Apaches to live, easing the battle over land and in a ceremony in 1749, the Chief of the Apaches buried his hatchet (an Apache weapon) to symbolize peace.

Now you know how that idiom came about!. . . You can thank me later and while you are at that, you can read more about the Apache Indians on google/Wikipedia; and there are are also the Navajos. . . Google is your friend *hehehehe*

Love you guys mucho-mucho!

Till I come your way again. . . byer. . . *winks*