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Moments: Criminal Minds


Hello there! My awesometastic readers *hehehehe that’s me in Toke Makinwa’s voice*. . . I’m sure you have been having the best of the week!

As I have promised, things are gonna be getting spiced up and my devotion to this blog is gonna be better than ever. Yesterday was my birthday *yea yea! I know right*. So, if I am to gist you small, I’d say I had a beyond-ordinary day. I got messages on phone, social medias, special shout outs by awesome people especially from my friend, Duru. . . it was nothing close to boring. It’s a new year for me and I’m glad, looking forward to God’s amazing blessings, surprises, open doors and growth on every side. . . You all made my last year so awesome and I am so glad and grateful for every minute you set aside to open my blog, read, leave comments and much more. Thank you! I look forward to more of that this new year cos as I always say, this blog is nothing without you guys.

In lieu of the spicing up promised, I have decided to introduce a new category that lets you into a certain part of my life which is the movieing life. So, I watch movies a lot especially American Series; like right now I’m watching a lot like Scandal which is beginning to get on my nerves though (I have followed from Season 1 till now), Greys Anatomy (seasons 1 till 12 now , How to get away with murder, (I have a thing for Shonda Rhimes though – I love her like I can’t quantify it); Empire, Arrow, Scream Queens, Quantico; that’s all for now even though I have bosses who watch like Eight or more than at the moment.

As much as I love watching films, I don’t watch film purposelessly. So, I’d share one of the things I gain unintentionally watching these movies.

Fast forward to Criminal Minds!

I love this series like hell just like I am presently loving Quantico. So, I watched Criminal Minds like a year ago but I wasn’t consistent and now the series is already in Season 13 I guess. And so, I decided to start all over again from Season 1 which I did and I am through with Season One already. I love everybody in the BAU; Gideon is my favourite, followed by Reid, then Garcia, then Morgan, JJ and Aaron Hotchner. . . This isn’t a review, maybe I’d start doing movie/series reviews.

So, there is this episode in Criminal Minds Season 1 – Episode 16 ‘The Tribe’. There, I learnt about a sect of people called the Apaches. They are Indians that came from the Alaskan region, Canada and American South West and they are nomadic. Before, all I knew about Indians was limited to the major ones who speak Hindu etc. That episode showed me what they look like, their hair which is a little different from the everyday Indians we see in Indian Movies, their outlook, a little insights about their practices and culture and after that episode, I wasn’t contented. I was forced to read up about them on Wikipedia and then I found out so many other things.

Little as it might seems, art is teaching; movies, films, writings etc. Let me just say maybe I might not know about these people anytime soon if not for that episode in that movie.

Finally, let me say that many of us say the idiom – Let us bury the hatchet even though we never really know the origin behind that idiom. While I was doing my reading/digging, I discovered that the Apaches went to a war in 1730s with the Spaniards. The long and bloody battles that resulted in many deaths went on until 1743 when a Spanish leader agreed to designate areas of Texas for the Apaches to live, easing the battle over land and in a ceremony in 1749, the Chief of the Apaches buried his hatchet (an Apache weapon) to symbolize peace.

Now you know how that idiom came about!. . . You can thank me later and while you are at that, you can read more about the Apache Indians on google/Wikipedia; and there are are also the Navajos. . . Google is your friend *hehehehe*

Love you guys mucho-mucho!

Till I come your way again. . . byer. . . *winks*





2 thoughts on “Moments: Criminal Minds”

  1. Kai you this geh ehhhnnn! You can like to read fffaaaa.. Thank you for the kind menShion on your ghen ghen Blog toh sure! I dedicate it to http://www.janybenylshares.com as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fire.. iBlush cause iKnow that #ItcanonlybeGOD… I am glad you had a great day eh on November teh 3rd! Live long and Prosper Ibukun toh Sexy..

    Bia wait oh! So you learnt all these many many things from Film! Hian! you shhaaa.. You can like to Research for state shhhaaa.. 🙂 You should join the FBI eh! heheh nice one nne.. Now amma be saying “Bury the Hatchet” with Proof of ample Knowledge.. and the crowd Goes.. Ooooossshhey! Smart Ass.. Happy Birthday once again Ibukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi.. You Rock Bubba.. You Rock mega aswear! and the crowd goes.. Ooossheey! Turn uP!


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