Hiya gang! Today I am spurred to share a little about something that took me quite a while to understand and experience.

Most often than not, some of us have had cause to believe God for healing in different aspects of our lives; be it emotional or physical; for us, for a friend, for a family member or someone close to us. Or maybe the thing is, we might not have had cause to but we know someone who has at a point in time or who is presently believing God for one.

I for one have had cause(s) to trust on God for healing both physically, emotionally or spiritually at times. Yes, there is healing of the spiritual part of us. So at these different times, I have had to unlearn the wrong things and flush out the broken opinions I had or I had given myself concerning seeking/trusting/believing God for healing.

Let me share the popular examples or day to day situations we find ourselves in. I have found myself in Church several times with the Pastor ministering healing for the physically, emotionally and spiritually sick and each of these several times I have anticipated my healing in the aspects that I needed it. I watched people received instant healings right there that minute and I’ve watched them leave their seats to the altar to testify. Apart from the overwhelming feelings of tears you feel in God’s presence during the ministration, some of us do expect more and the more we expect is the instant more! The feeling to be in that crowd of people at the altar praising God and testifying for the miracles received and evident but just because we can’t see it, we believe it’s not there! We try to check where we are sick and then mere seeing it, we feel sad and then we give up; this is more to the physical. When it comes to the emotions, there is this deep rushing of emotions we feel – at times, we want to cry it out to God, we feel different, we feel peace at that moment and sometimes before we leave God’s presence, the devil is back to torment us with the hurt we thought God has healed and then the fact that it still comes to mind, we belittle the power of God to heal and then we allow the devil to steal what God has taken charge of.

Now, this is the point! The devil enjoys the frustration we go through the moment he succeeded in brainwashing us with his ideas over God’s. I’ve learnt through the teaching of the Holy Spirit that God works in divers of ways and when it comes to healing, we receive it always the moment we ask for it! But some people’s healing becomes evident the moment they receive it and that is what we witness when people with pains in the leg testifies that it is gone, when the blind sees, when the limping man throws away his crutches and also that peace we feel when we give our stuffed up emotions to Him. . . Just because our healing isn’t evident at the point of receiving doesn’t mean it’s not completed and perfected.

The devil can prey on both the evidently perfected healing and the yet to be manifested perfected healing by just working on both minds!

Everything that has to do with God isn’t devoid of FAITH! When we operate with God, we shouldn’t do it FAITHLESS. It’s not that God didn’t heal us most times; it’s just that we allow the devil to steal it away from us with our DISCOURAGEMENTS/DOUBTS!

This is what I do when I believe God for healing or I’m under a healing ministration; whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, I don’t let my FAITH run on errands, I make up my mind not to focus on the problem but on God and after the ministration, if it’s physical, I check where I am hurting and if I discover that the devil is trying to mess with me by still trying to make me feel something where the hands of God has touched, I ignore him cos there’s nothing more he hates than that and then, I move on to thank God for my healing that is made perfect only in Him and everyday I keep on doing that and before you know it, it’s gone. . .

Unconsciously, thanking Him becomes part of you and you might not even remember the problem again until one of those days when you’d just remember and then, boom you discover it’s gone.

That’s how He works – in diverse ways! It took me getting it wrong so many times before I got it right and this is possible by making yourself available for His teachings and growth. . . you don’t have to get it wrong like me countless times before you understand how this works.

I hope this lengthy post blessed and uplifted someone’s spirit!

I love you guys!

PS: The 2015 Etisalat Flash Fiction Voting is still on. You can vote my story to qualify by clicking this link God bless you as you do so. Thank you.

Also, I always look forward to your comments. . . Please do drop them, they encourage me and inspire me to be better personally and to be able to serve you better. Don’t stop visiting.


Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~ I Thess. 5:18


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