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Reputation: Is it important?

Hello blog fam! As this year runs out, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, recaps, reformations and reaffirmations! I know that’s typical of people some will say, to do that at the end of the year or as the year runs out and at times, most of these thoughts and reformations which are mostly called ‘End of the Year/New Year Resolutions’ end up mostly as ‘resolutions without actions’ but let’s just say that as much as we relapse into much thinking of thanking God for certain things in the new year, we also discover certain things we would want to improve on as the new year approaches.

Let me just say that nothing is as good as being sincere to oneself! So in highlighting things you want to improve on, you’d have to be sincere with yourself! That you have lapses doesn’t mean you are lapses!

So, for me, I’d say, I want to improve more on being true to my words/appointments/plans.

This post is for anyone who is trying to work on the same thing.

First, I think it is easier to identify a problem by looking at the petty green lights, causes and then seeming solution.

Is Reputation important?

It’s what some people call ‘Integrity’ in Nigeria even though Integrity is much more deeper and rooted in standards/morals and honesty. . . And integrity could mean a different thing to different people in Naija and at times, some people don’t even know what it means yet they’d have the guts to tell someone that he/she lacks integrity! Don’t be a person who uses heavy words as such to bring down people or make them feel terrible of themselves when in actual fact you don’t know the meaning of the word you used or when in fact you are not even better than them.

It is better to say ‘reputation’ instead of ‘Integrity’. To an extent, reputation is important but on a second thought, it depends on what area cos reputation could affect different things which could be monetary wise, job wise, word wise, and much more.

So, you see, Reputation is like a Universal Set with a lot of subsets; you just have to find your own sub-set *winks* It’s important but only to an extent lest you let people drive you nutz with their perspectives of you which are not always true! 95% sef.

For me, I think I have a little problem with keeping to my words when it comes to certain things and these certain things are mostly petty! But when something good or bad is gonna start, it starts petty! It doesn’t mean I am not reliable or you are not reliable when it comes to other things or much more but it could mean that not keeping to your words as regards to ‘promising to deliver a job at a particular time,’ could make people start giving you different names.

For instance, when I started my first series on this blog, I intended to finish it within a span of four months and then start another. . . Like I had a two-series plan for this year and I discovered that at times when I promise to post a particular day, I don’t. . . Trust me, Adaeze would have gotten tired sef. . . But the point is, it’s minor, and we say things like ‘it happens’ but it doesn’t happen if you don’t want it to happen. If care is not taken, it would start becoming your MO and then people will start branding you as someone who doesn’t keep to his/her words.

Although at times, there are certain things beyond your grasp; things that would happen that you won’t have control over. . . Like that was what happened with the series. I got sick this year around June, I had a surgery in July and it took me quite a lot of time to adjust and be okay in all aspects to get back on things I missed. . . So, I’m sorry the series took this long. . . As from Friday, I’m gonna be dropping Episodes daily cos I’m gonna end it this year as you prepare for another series *yea yea!*

Also, at times, we’d say things like I’d get back to you on a so-so date and then we won’t or let me just say I won’t! And really most of these things aren’t intentional but it is a green light for people you planned to get back to as if you don’t take them serious or something. So many of us are guilty of stuffs like these, I know it’s small small examples but we can help it lest it starts messing up our reputation with people.

How to avoid having your reputation messed up when it comes to keeping your words.
1. Don’t take more than you can handle by learning to say No – Many of us have a problem with not knowing how to say No; turn down people, reject offers and then, you become too multi-tasked that all the concentration you are supposed to give to one thing, you begin to give it to different things at the expense of your integrity and unknowingly, you start having different reputations with different people who do not know what it is you are tackling.

2. Have a time-table or set a reminder – It works! At times we tend to forget but writing them all down, having a time-table or setting a reminder on our phones can really help.

3. Do not dwell on it – When you think about something bad or a weakness, you begin to think you are a weak person or you are a bad person. Trust me, no one is perfect and everyone is just trying to work on their imperfections.

4. Try not to procrastinate – Yeah! You don’t have to wait till the agreed date to say or do whatever it is! If you are okay a day before, go ahead.

5. Try not to make promises; people are very swift in pinning someone down on the promises they make. If you are not sure, don’t try to be definite!

I think that’s how I intend to get better next year on that area!

I hope you find it helpful!

Happy New Year in Advance. . . I love y’all.

Giveaway coming soon! . . . Who can guess what I would be giving away?



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