Poisoning the Man

Dear Doe,


She said she knew what she was signing up for marrying a soldier. . . the expression didn’t give her away but the circumstances did! Ten years of marriage, 7 times of being at the warfront wishing he’d return safely, long years of loneliness without any children to keep her company and then he said, we’d make them babies some day babe!. . . Someday in another decade? Someday you’d spend at the warfronts or the ones you’d spend at home? . . .  And then, she knew to be wiser, she knew how to give him a drug just to make him look like he had diabetes. . . she knew the quicker way to get him off the army. . .  

She just wanted him home!. . . Oh! That was Chicago Med Episode 3 Season 1. . . I couldn’t stop wondering, did she ever know what she was signing up for? Enough not to poison her husband just to fake diabetes? Can a man be ever drawn away from his passion? Is love ever enough to cover the days of yearnings and loneliness. . . the days you sleep alone hoping to wake up to the handsome face of your loved one only to the admiration of your shadow and the softness of your pillow?

Ten years of marriage. . . plenty years of sleeping alone, years of watching your womb waste away!

Loneliness could kill. . . solitude changes; loneliness is not for everyone. . . the question is ‘How do you handle being alone after tasting the surreal that comes with togetherness?’

Oh! I love the man in uniform. . . I love what they stand for! I love their heroic deeds, I laud the efforts of the wives who really did know what they were signing up for! The ones who kept through the years, keeping strong for their children and the men they fell in love with before the war and the ones that came home to them after the war. . . to the ones who returned the same and the ones who came home a totally different man. . . to the ones whose children could still recognise their voice, to the ones who came home troubled but fought on to the finish!

Dear Doe, I know this is sounding so weird but you really should know what you are signing up for when you say I do. . In every man there is a soldier, but is he the one you wouldn’t have to poison just to keep alive?

I do hope you understand beyond the imagery. . . I hope you get to know beyond the confessions of your mouth that you do know what you are signing up for. . . I hope you wouldn’t have to watch your jazz  turn into a melancholy. . . and your Nightingale swapped for an owl’s cry!

I hope you get lucky with love. . .

“In every man, there’s a soldier” ~ Ibukunwrites.


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