The Fawn Lily


Dear Doe,

I remember a time in spring, the sun shined brighter, the birds sang beautifully, I smelled nothing but grape hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, blue star, bloodroot. . . I never wanna stop smelling them! I watched young loves holding hands at the tune of the swing! I watched old loves making fun of each other and laughing at jokes that should probably be stale. . . I laughed at the sight of real love that might never be mine! I looked at middle aged men and women holding each other by arms, dancing to their first date’s song. . . I watched young men proposed, I watched young women say ‘Yes, I’d marry you’. . . I wished it could be all that glamour to the end.

I stopped believing in love a long time, my heart became so cold that it became ice and couldn’t help but fall from the sky to cool the heating land. . . I’ve kissed lies in the mouth and pecked heartbreak on the head. . . I’ve given so much to the undeserving that I couldn’t remember what it was to be me before my journey to love. . . I spat into the face of love and called its dividends bluff. . . I was resolute! I was so determined to be the solitary reaper!

Then he came. . . shinning bronze, brown and dark like the shades of coffee. . . tall like I’ve never seen a man! Charming like the Wizard of Oz, he knew his onions! He wasn’t Vin Diesel but he was Chiwetel Ejiofor. . .

He was the fawn lily. . . the unusual spring flower


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