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In the Spirit of the New Year: Things I longthroat for!

Hellow from the other side, I hope the weather is not too harsh. . . hehehehe! Feels good to post again. I can firmly tell that I have been making lots of improvement as regards consistency. . . If one must make change, one gats start now you know!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of sharing posts lately. I’ve talked about 6 things I learnt about blogging this year, things I’m grateful for, and today I want to talk about things I longthroat for; definitely not Pepsi!

Today, I’m doing this post on Things I longthroat for Christmas/New Year. . . I have plenty longthroats o! Things I can’t begin to list here sef you know na! Ladies dey get plenty things we longthroat for now. . . from looking good to looking smashing, dashing and hawt!. . . Hmmm, I can’t begin to tell you but below are the ones that get to make it here!

Franklin Collins DMQ221

1. Franklin DMQ221 Collins English Dictionary with Thesaurus – Yes! I so longthroat for this device. . . It is also referred to as the Collins English Dictionary Express Edition. It looks like a calculator and it is just everything. It has over 118,000 words, phrases and definitions. It has a calculator, metric and currency converter, local and world clock with 45 cities and it has word games too. . . It is portable with a 1 x CR2032 battery. . . It’s all someone needs to develop him/herself and I love the fact that it is portable and all. . . So, Yes! I longthroat for that and I won’t mind anyone sowing that precious seed into my life.

2. A HP Pavillion/Lenovo Laptop – Partially, I feel like I’m ‘laptopless’ so I longthroat for a laptop from any of these two brands. . . They are my favourite brands. I love typing a lot and the system is more comfortable for me than phone jare! . . . I don’t even have to love typing to need laptop cos I do lots of typing. . .


3. A SD Card Headset– Yea yea! Longthroat number 3 goes to ‘A Headset’. I love music more than I don’t know. Music is life. Music is everything. . . My first headset I gave it out as a gift and the second I had was not really a headset but a headphone. . . I sha longthroat for a Headset that uses SD Card. . . Iz imporant! u gerrit.


4. Lastly, Books! – Ok, this made the last list because plenty tori dey there. . . So I love books. In fact, my love for books is unending and insatiable that if I had to bring the list of books I want to read down here, this space won’t contain it *yelz* but here are the ones I really want to read but I just can’t lay my hands on them. . . Can’t seem to find it anywhere in Nigeria *anywhere I’ve been to* . . . So in case y’all know where I can get them or you might want to sow these seed of books into my life, I won’t mind. . . just hit me a mail. So the books are; Beautifully Broken by Kimberly Jones-Pothier, Reflections of A Gentleman by Mr. Amarisoul, Unspoken Feelings of A Gentleman by Pierre Alex Jeanty, The Runaway Bride by Heather Lindsey, Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey and Dusty Crowns by Heather Lindsey. . . There you have it!


What are your longthroats? Happy New Year in advance!



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