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The Nigerian Celebrity Menace

This morning, I was just flipping through my Instagram Page like it was some book when I stumbled on Dokta Mofin’s post and then boom! My eyes caught some deep shit! You know and I was like girl you are so out of touch with the social media to think this thing has been trending… Continue reading The Nigerian Celebrity Menace


Ramblings: The Bigger Picture

Hi guys. Happy new week. . . I've been thinking a lot lately and no it's not the kind of thoughts that makes your body shrink and sends you from team mopping stick to team broom stick. . . it's the kind of thoughts that makes you wanna be better as you and for yours!.… Continue reading Ramblings: The Bigger Picture

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Movie Review: The Red Tent

Hello guys, been a while. . . so this would be my last post for this week and I'm gonna be super super busy for some time but I'm gonna try to keep to my words and be frequent as much as possible and also this movie review is gonna be a weekly one and… Continue reading Movie Review: The Red Tent

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Charlie Puth’s ‘One Call Away’

Hellow guys! Happy Wednesday. . . didn't forget y'all here. . . sure, you my amazing readers have been on my mind and I know I promised a film review for last week Friday but I couldn't go through with it cos I travelled and it was an unplanned one and don't forget I have… Continue reading Charlie Puth’s ‘One Call Away’

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Dear Lost Me + Post eBook Giveaway

Good evening bellas! I trust you had a great day beyond the stress and traffic jams!. . . So, I got enough comments on yesterday’s posts as regards the giveaway to the point that Dorcas had to leave comments three times. . . And yes, I got a comment from a guy who showed interest… Continue reading Dear Lost Me + Post eBook Giveaway

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Book Review: ‘Lost and Found; Finding Hope in the Detours of Life’ by Sarah Jakes

Hello beautiful readers! Happy new week to y’all. . . So last year, I was resolute on not taking with me into the new year the act of inconsistency and procrastination and yes, I still stand by it and I am very sorry that I went off the grid last week considering that this post… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Lost and Found; Finding Hope in the Detours of Life’ by Sarah Jakes

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First Post of the Year: Kierra Sheard’s ‘Indescribable’

Wow! Welcome to the New Year dear readers. . . It is a great opportunity to be able to publish my first blog post for the Year 2016. For some of us, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, so many beautiful and ugly experiences but in it all, we were made more… Continue reading First Post of the Year: Kierra Sheard’s ‘Indescribable’