Toasting 102: Are You A Stalker?


Ladies, get in here sharpaly. . . Good morning amazing blog fam! Good to be back again!

Last week, I discovered something great! So, I found out this new blog on Google domain and then I tried leaving a comment; that was my first time visiting the blog and then I started looking for the Anonymous section to just type in my name but alas I couldn’t find it so I really didn’t have a choice, I had to leave my comment using my google ID. . . I left the comment and forgot about it.

Two days later, I got a comment on my blog from a particular person that has been leaving comments on my blog ever since I started on blogspot. . . So, then I read the comment over and over again, not because it had an implied meaning or sort but because the guy went off script! He changed his MO *hehehehehehehe* if you have watched Criminal Minds a lot you’d understand. . . The point is you can never be too smart with a mischief in life. . . See ehn, there’s always a stressor or a weakness and then boom! You go off your usual script and then you are caught just like that!

Guys, stop playing smart with ladies all the time, there are some ladies that are smarter than you! They are just keeping their craze on a down-low. . . In most women there is the badass Olivia Pope so chillax small small, no be una be boss for this game.

As I was saying, it was then that I understood the reasons why some blogs won’t allow people to leave comments on their blogs with anonymous/fake names; it actually does more harm than good. So, I figured out that this dude who I actually knew in real life created a new mail account and then gave himself a name just to leave comments on my blog because I blocked him on my social media accounts for being the emotional, self-evolved and obsessive toaster.

Now, this is the point. . . Discovering that over the week showed me the length of obsession like seriously this guy needs to chill small na haba. . . As in, he literally sent me a text over the week to ask me why I didn’t post all through the week, what is going on, do I want to talk about it and then I didn’t reply and again after I posted explaining that my system was faulty and all, this guy responded again saying he could have actually borrowed me his laptop for the main time!

Now, readers, this is not to ridicule the guy in any way, in fact ehn, this dude read yesterday’s post and sent me another dose of message. . . Sounds like he cared right, like he’s so into me right? But really, wisdom is knowing when someone cares for you and when someone is obsessed about you! When someone acts as if you are the only job they have and they are doing everything for you to notice them; biko, ladies, run for your life! We always know these things.

I used to think gone were the days when men stalk women but I was wrong; there are some guys in this century that still stalk ladies! And it’s not only embarrassing to the guy that’s if he ever feels embarrassed, it is embarrassing to ladies that guys like this won’t desist!

Obsession is cancerous. . . moving from the place of love, to hate, then to danger. I can’t begin to share the roller coasters of messages I get that sometimes sounds so delusional. . . This is a guy that has opened different facebook accounts as a boy, girl, lady, student, working class just to access my facebook page!

And then you can’t help but wondering what is going on in their heads. Some guys will tell you that they don’t have time to be longing matters with a girl, try twice or thrice, not interested, moving on; as simple as that. . . It is as simple as that because these guys are not taking it too personal but a stalker take things personal o! He/She literally lay claims on you without a yes from you.

Traits of a Stalker

They never take no for an answer; ridiculously persistent than ever! They’d refuse to believe that a victim or potential victim is not interested in them or that he/she loves them but doesn’t know and needs to be pushed to realize it.

They display an obsessive personality; they are not just interested in but overly obsessed with the person. They also display psychological or personality problems like delusional thinking.

They are always above average intelligence; they’d go extra miles to get whatever information is needed about you.

They don’t have relationships outside the one they are trying to establish with you or the ones they already imagined existed between them and you.

They tend to have low self esteem and dating you helps boost that; at least, that’s what they think.

They display sociopathic thinking; only few stalkers can see how their actions are hurting others.

Warning Signs

Cyber stalking
Mobile stalking
Physical stalking

Stalking is a non-dating/Dating Violence! And it’s typical an unrequited love and should never be taking lightly! He/She may start as non-threatening or not physical but as desperation increases, behavior becomes erratic and dangerous! Take it seriously and you can always contact the law enforcement!

To the stalkers, it is true love, but to you, it is danger o! and biko, never confront a stalker alone. You can document everything, limit sharing your whereabouts or about to, change daily patterns (like driving route, walking route, hanging out place etc), or phone numbers if need be.

Stalking is prolonged rape! Don’t handle it with levity.

I’d be back tomorrow with a Movie Review. . . Xoxo!

“A stalker is anyone who displays an obsessive interest in a person and harasses them with phone calls, gifts, emails or other attempts to contact that person against their will. He/She could be someone you know, a coworker, a person you dated or a complete stranger” ~ Dangerous Lee


4 thoughts on “Toasting 102: Are You A Stalker?

  1. …Ghen ghen! Eezz not a joking Sturvzzz oh! I guess someone has finally fallen in love with your amazing Beauty and unmeasurable intelligence.. **winks… heheh I Guess Eeez about time nah.. **Winks

    @ “because I blocked him on my social media accounts for being the emotional, self-evolved and obsessive toaster” wow! is it that deep Bubba?! He opens different accounts just to keep tabs on ye?! Okayyy.. now i am starting to be worried oh! You know yeah.. the thing about love is that if poorly controlled.. it could lead to not juts madness but could end in unrequited love.. I think you should put it to this young man straight to sensor (1 last time) that You arent interested and give him a Stern “Back Off” warning..

    Do be safe Ibukun.. The world as we know it is going crazy 😦



    • Yes o! Thanks boo. . . ever since he read this post, looks like dude’s gone on a permanent sabbatical. . . let’s hope he cooperates! The world has indeed become terrible. . . thanks dearie! I’d be. . . tnx for dropping by! Av a blessed day.


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