The Mofin Brothers and OAP Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

This morning, I was just flipping through my Instagram Page like it was some book when I stumbled on Dokta Mofin’s post and then boom! My eyes caught some deep shit! You know and I was like girl you are so out of touch with the social media to think this thing has been trending since yesterday but it’s expected, I’ve been tied down by some scripting. . . Well, I’m not the type that likes to put my nose where it doesn’t belong or talk about the Nigerian Entertainment Industry or what is happening to one celeb or the other but it just kinda occur to me that 2016 is like a year of beef in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry; so, I got my ass off the bed and I went googling to know what ace OAP Gbemi OO as she’s fondly called did to the Mofin brothers to deserve such despicable words, similes, metaphors and what have yous!. . . Guys, it was that bad and then I realized that Gbemi and Toolz were up to something on Twitter yesterday and then the harmattan got wind of the fire and that was how it went beyond the Fire Fighters’ strength.

Now this is the point, she was ‘ranting’ about people crashing ther people’s parties bla bla bla and then she did a shout out to the two brothers who love to do so; the Olamide style na, no mentioning of name but we sabi who you dey try diss! And then Toolz tweeted something like someone can’t even gist Gbemi small without her subbing the person’s entire generation on Twitter. . . Now guys, what ya all think???? And as expected, the Mofin brothers have been reacting in a very nasty nasty way that could make someone shed tears behind doors and you know na Naija kind of beefs, chats were munched and posted online by the Mofin brothers about how Toolz’s fiancé, Tunde Demuren mailed them, how they paid 50k for aso-ebi bla bla bla. . .

This is my thought. . . I think Nigerian celebrities or most of them are overrated and we have more fakes than we have the real ones and when I look at it there’s not much of a role model so to say cos you know we tend to overrate them and worship them like; some people do! Guys, Nigerians idolizes their celebrities only to realize that these people are just ordinary human being and I think that’s where we tend to take things personal and become overly interested in their businesses; because we fail to realize they are just human beings! I think the moment we start to see them as human beings and not one big deal, we stop getting surprised at certain things that they do and all. . . I feel, Toolz who worked at the same station with Gbemi definitely told her something judging by her tweet and some people will be behaving like these celebrities don’t gossip, backbite or say trash about each other. . . like they are human beings, human beings gossip, they shit too, they urinate, they have struggles,  they do periods. . . jeeeez! These things shouldn’t really surprise us. . . We are the ones who kinda place them in a very high place and when they make a mistake or do something unbelievably terrible, we start hating on them! Kilode! You only got your feelings hurt. . . I’m not hating on celebrities; nope! In fact, God is taking us somewhere higher. . . I’m just saying, there was a gossip that led to unwarranted rants by another OAP cos in Nigeria it’s easy to become a celeb, just sell a brand! You are there!

My point is, just because someone is in a position to talk or comment on stuffs doesn’t mean they have to comment about everything or just because you were gossiped with, you have to come trash some people! This life is a personal race; in Omawumi’s voice na my race I dey run o! As far as I’m concerned, it was a cheap publicity and attention seeking stunt on Gbemi’s part! I just don’t see a reason why we have to share certain things if the purpose is to pull down and not lift up! *just saying* You just don’t hate on people like that even if you don’t like them! The crazy part is I’ve only heard her present once and she’s great and I love her but this isn’t just cool; this is just another Headies but on Twitter and Instagram; Gbemi is Olamide and Joro Olumofin and his brother na Don jazzy. . . lol . . . And for the Mofin brothers, like they have said themselves, crashing parties or not, it is no one’s business so far the parties wey dem dey crash no complain but it is belittling, demeaning, condescending and quite low of a man to respond and react the way they did! Come on! She’s single doesn’t mean she’s sad; and it was terrible to talk of her vjayjay in a nasty manner, insults, talk about if she was raped! Jeeeeeez! I don’t know what to say! I just feel A was wrong! And B was uncouth and too temperamental if there’s anything like that!. . . You know when people start beefs and it makes you wonder if they were already looking for an avenue to say some deep shits about each other! And yea, I don’t forget the fact that our response to emotions varies from one another but at times, we’ve got to act like a fool so we won’t look as a fool ourselves or better still, we’ve got to know when to wrap it and move on!

You guys are supposed to be our role models, yes! But the drama and the hate in the industry is just too crazy!

I hope this one passes too and Otedola comes quick to settle this beef cos it was Dangote the other time and maybe we’d get a picture of the two smiling by January 30th during Toolz’s traditional wedding; it’s not likely we get some slangs from this one! Street no take over for this one! Na words powerfully coined take over! *hehehehehe I no well o!*

One love!

Signing out for now!

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Xoxo. . . keep refreshing this space!