Urunwa: The Lamentations of A Mother

Image credit: Tumblr.com

Come here shameless man
I’m not going to die with the
truth in my mouth.
She was just a baby;
Urunwa was just a baby
when you cut her
saying it will help her
not to be promiscuous.

I bu onye ajo omume
You and Ichie Jamuike turned my
daughter’s name into a curse!
Yobachi says Urunwa lies
like a log of wood every night. . .
You should be ashamed your
daughter feels nothing under
a grip of a man like Yobachi!

Woe betides you!
You have eaten your daughter’s clitoris
And now she knows no fun;
My Urunwa is now an agadi nwaayi at 35!
She is now a Mother of plenty children from other
Akpa nwa!

You are a bastard Belonwu!
You ruined my daughter!
May that palm wine suffocate you
May Amadioha strike you
May Ala roast your manhood.
Accept death!
‘cos nothing can stop your doom.

I am Iweobiegbulam
but I’d rather die of anger
than forgive you!

© Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi


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