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The Kebbi Life

Returning to Kebbi wasn't a child's play. I was supposed to travel on the 30th of May but somehow I travelled on Tuesday, 31st May. It wasn't easy getting to the Ojo Motorpark, Ibadan with the biggest ghana must go bag, a keg of palm oil palm oil in kebbi isn't so much fun we… Continue reading The Kebbi Life


Nomination: The Liebster Award

Hellow guys. . . all the way from the land of equity. . . the oven state, hotspot of the nation . . . lmao. . . Kebbi is hot fa! but that's no longer news Sha. . . Details on Kebbi in my next post. . . I trust you guys have been great… Continue reading Nomination: The Liebster Award

Kebbi Diaries

Home and Away!!!!!

Yipeee! Guess who's back? Me!!!!!!! It's a month and some  weeks since I took a self-administered sabbatical leave from the blog but really all things work together for the good of those that trust Him. . . A lot of factors were against me, I had to address and map out strategies on some of… Continue reading Home and Away!!!!!