Flash Fiction

She Died

My name is Nkiru. I was just seven when Papa started beating Mama. Every night, he would watch those violent movies over and over again like he was learning new styles to practice on her. After he was done, he’d head to Mama’s room and I would hear her scream. She’d scream so bad begging… Continue reading She Died

Kebbi Diaries

Welcome to Overflow!

Okay, hold up! This heading actually made me chuckle a little bit but I kinda liked it! I think the raining season is approaching here in Kebbi! It has been raining for quite a while. I mean this should probably be the 5th to 6th time and trust me, this ain't no small rains. .… Continue reading Welcome to Overflow!

Bible Study/Christian Reflections, motivation

Day 3: The 3-Day Quote Challenge

Wow! It's the last day of the 3-Day Quote Challenge and I am so excited not to stop but for the amazing words I've been able to share in just three days! We should probably do this again sometimes soon! Once again, I appreciate Deborah for the opportunity and yea, just in case you missed… Continue reading Day 3: The 3-Day Quote Challenge

Bible Study/Christian Reflections, motivation

Day 2: The 3-Day Quote Challenge

Happy Sallah to all my Muslim readers! It's serious celebration here in Kebbi! The market was super full yesterday and it makes you wonder that so there's something that can make Birnin Kebbi this boisterous! Oluwa ni! I think part of the reason why the market was that rowdy yesterday was because the market would… Continue reading Day 2: The 3-Day Quote Challenge

Bible Study/Christian Reflections, motivation

The 3-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 1

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed and energised positively first for the opportunity to be fully back and yes, plenty opportunities to slay!:):):) In my side of the North, there is no school throughout this week and that's a huge thing to be thankful for😁😁😁😁 not like that o! Even though I've never woken up… Continue reading The 3-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 1

Kebbi Diaries

Last Week in Retrospect

When it's dark and gloomy, Your light still shines so bright. ~ Ibukunwrites. Wow! I missed real blogging. I mean picking my pen to write something more meaningful, radical and spontaneous. . . not that I haven’t been doing much of that lately but not as frequent as I want. Yes, everyday, I walk not… Continue reading Last Week in Retrospect