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Day 2: The 3-Day Quote Challenge

Happy Sallah to all my Muslim readers! It’s serious celebration here in Kebbi! The market was super full yesterday and it makes you wonder that so there’s something that can make Birnin Kebbi this boisterous! Oluwa ni! I think part of the reason why the market was that rowdy yesterday was because the market would be locked for two days to respect Sallah😁😁😁. . .a real confirmation that the way it is done is geographically different! In the West, festive period is when the market is super opened! Close kwa! But it’s different. Everyone is trying to get something lest you go hungry today and tomorrow!!!

Still on the 3-Day Challenge! Today is all about Compromise.


To compromise isn’t to
consider the other person,
But to consider yourself while
considering the other person. ~ Ibukunwrites

At one time or many times in life, we’ve had to compromise one thing or the other just for another thing or the other to triumph or take preeminence; we say, we compromised or we sacrificed.

We compromise for loved ones ~ family members, friends, strangers, acquaintances and even lovers. Often times, compromise don’t come easy! It always come with a great distress; something you’d rather not let go but you have to just to let the other person have his/her way, make the other person happy or let sleeping dogs lie.

I know compromises can be beautiful and necessary at times but the question is, what do we compromise? What do you compromise? What do I compromise. . . especially when people are in relationships, they do things they wouldn’t do on a normal day, they go lengths and breadths just to please. . . I know what that can feel like and I know compromise can be a good thing when the other person involved is matured to handle it!

And I also know that compromise doesn’t involve me or you compromising our standards, lowering our standards just to measure below, compromising your beliefs, your person, your integrity, even your self worth and respect!

You don’t ever compromise at your detriment! It doesn’t have to come at the price of pain and regret! If it makes you cry, you’re selling yourself short!

I hope you get the message;)💯

Once again, thanks to debwritesblog for another opportunity to be able to do this again today!

If you missed Day 1, you can always update yourself here The 3-Day Challenge: Day 1

Please don’t stop refreshing this blog! It’s back and better.

Today, I nominate
Charlene of Charlene kez

Muhsinat ‘Deen of With love from Ola

Maureen of I am blaq

©2016. Ibukunwrites

. . .Love your neighbour as yourself. . . Mark 12:31NLT


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