Finally, the long wait is over guys. . .


Talking about Creeping Voices, it is my first eBook, which happens to be an anthology. I wrote this book around July/August 2015 and I released it in November same year on okadabooks. I never really cared about making money from it; it’s not because that was always the attitude I have when I write . . . for a long time, I never thought I could make money from writing, I was just doing my thing, enjoying it, letting it flow and working on myself in getting better as I write cos I never allowed it to matter that I was sort of in a ‘class’ of my own. . . you know, when you don’t really feel like you’re good enough; like no one really cares what you write. . . today isn’t one of those days when I get to share my writing journey. . . I intend to do that sometimes soon cos it was a helluva journey. . . but today is all about celebrating an enigma, Mustapha as I loved to call her. . . moving on, I read Creeping Voices everyday before publishing and I realized it was me giving a damn, stepping out, acknowledging whatever; it was me shifting and daring myself to, for a moment, experience catharsis.

Publishing this piece, it was at the same time when I got my fiction approved for Etisalat Flash Fiction 2015 which came almost a week after my debut release, I realized how much people can read your piece and read meanings into it, how much people can place side by side their known pieces from your life to assume what you are talking about in a particular section of poetry and a for a little while, I felt, maybe they would be right or wrong. . . to me, it felt like being pregnant with all these feelings for more than 9 months, giving birth to them and then watching everybody just say things about the journey. . . I was afraid that my baby will be given different names, some might even say, this is who fathered you not the other way round, I was afraid of misinterpretations even though I acknowledged that all poems tell stories. . . what if the story was not mine, what if I was talking about someone else. . . So, if it was mine nko?

I was afraid . . . so I placed an embargo on it! I fixed a penny for a price so I won’t make my thoughts available to all and sundry. . . I was trying to protect it from manipulations. . . still, some people bought it, they had their views and I realized I can’t control people’s reactions, perspectives, and views on whatever. . . that’s why it is called art.

With all of these, I did it. . . I did it afraid. . . looking back today, it’s almost a year and I realized how much growth I have witnessed and experienced, I have become a writer who is unafraid of criticism, being misinterpreted, understanding diverse perspectives and views on my works, encouraging myself all the way and most importantly, never ever believing less in God’s deposits in my life no matter who supports or not, no matter the breaking and rising moments. . .

Moving forward,

I have grown and none of this was my doing.  It has been God all the way blessing me humanly. . . a nd in celebrating one of the people that has been amazingly there each step of the way, holding my hands through life unwaveringly and loving me unconditionally, I decided to give away this part of me to my amazing readers, supporters, social media followers in appreciation and celebration of Mustapha Funmilayo who is a year older today. I can write a whole book about this woman of worth and purpose; doing this giveaway is not enough celebration in showing how much she’s worth but I pray that one day, I’d be beyond blessed to celebrate her like she really deserves.



Happy happy birthday Enigmatic  Oluwafunmilayo Mustapha. I’m celebrating you today because you’re a rock star, the fairest of all, because your beauty is ageless, because you find your beauty and strength in Christ! Because you have the kindest heart of all, just because you’re sincere, just because you dish the truth without holding back. . . you’re an amazing role model, setting standards, breaking boundaries and raising bars! You make maturity so easy, you’re a true revelation of how much of God we enjoy on the inside and on the outside. . . You don’t cast away, you don’t assume, you don’t judge, you don’t take sides. . . you’re the real deal. . . unapologetically loving yourself, unwaveringly smiling through life! You deserve every love you get today and everyday of your life and I am celebrating you not because everybody loves Funmi Mustapha but because in my abandonment, in my weakest moments, in my straying and fluctuating moments, you held on strongly, you were God’s promise to Moses in Numbers 11:17 fulfilled in my situation. . . you were more than the world could afford to gift! Thank you for being my friend, my sister, confidant, family, firm believer in me, thanks for prayerfully and wordically holding my hands through life, thank you for letting me in, thank you for trusting me with every bits, thank you for not getting tired, thank you for introducing me to Karysmar😁;). . . I can’t emphasize enough how much I value you and I pray that God should help me to be as great and good as a sister and friend that you are to me. . . And I pray for you today, that as you took my life so personal, you will never have to go through anything alone in Jesus name, your hands will continue to bless, your words will continue to heal, your voice will soothe and breathe hope on generations, may you stand tall in everything, where you have crawled, God will cause you to walk unhindered, no one will be able to stand against you, wherever you hurt, God will heal, the hand of God will forever be strong upon you and where there is a casting down, God is lifting up, He will never fail you nor forsake you, there shall be no famine or drought in your land, you shall ride and dine with Kings and Queens. . . Happy Birthday Mustapha! Keep basking in grace and repping kingdom love. . . much love! Mwah😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🎁🎁🎂🎂🎂🎈 ~ Ibukunwrites

I want you all to help me celebrate her and join me in wishing her a happy purpose anniversary by having this copy of this book FOC for yourself, friends, family etc. This giveaway is all about her. . .

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Sometimes when we do things, we may not know we’re stepping into purpose cos we pictured it a different way but God sees it a different way ~ Ibukunwrites