​Inawuni guys! Welcome to another weekend! Hope the week wasn’t too stressful! Well, number one, I want to applaud myself for being a little more than consistent ever since I did that post on being back and I was gonna be here before Friday buh I couldn’t make it because I had a roughly 2-day journey from Birnin Kebbi to Ogun State. . . Wednesday and Thursday were way too occupied with settling down, resting and etcs that blogging couldn’t fit in. Nonetheless, I took my time to ponder on what and what I want to do with the blog ‘cos I’ve been away for far too long and also I’ve been on a journey of discovering and rediscovering of myself since middle 2015 and that had led me to a lot of roads I didn’t see myself walking ‘cos it’d require all of the confidence I can give it. . . that’s by the way.

Moving on, I discovered that in as much as I am dedicated to being consistent on this platform (having considered shutting it down, combining it with another, keeping it etc.), it wouldn’t be quite easy for me to be here daily, so, in lieu of that, I have decided to make my blogpost a four-time in a week thing. So it means that, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every week in every month, blogfam should look forward to a new post from me and the breakdown is like this – Mondays are for Wisdom Nuggets for the Week, Wednesdays are for Reviews (all kinds of reviews), Fridays are for series and Saturdays are for Random talks and this Saturday segment I have decided to name Weekend Randoms. It won’t be possible for me to keep all of my old categories and maybe I’d keep some but it definitely shouldn’t be the way it used to be before I went AWOL.

So what’s Weekend Randoms about?

Well, it’s no big deal, weekend randoms is all about my opinion or comment on things of interest. . . it could be things happening in the internet world during the week that caught my attention or a topic of interest I have wanted to say something on. . . it’s not basically anything but things I feel we both can learn from. So, today, on the first episode of Weekend Randoms I’ll be talking about Emotions and Abuse of Social Media Platforms. 

Yesterday, I was walking with my parents to a place when Mum was like someone who is close to 40 posted the death of one of her parents online. . . she wasn’t totally cool with it though. . . she’s never been a fan of social media display in whatever form. So, Dad and I were like well. . . then while we were walking from someone’s house yesterday night into the car, she was on Facebook and she was like the person wrote On my way to so so again. Then I laughed. Apart from that scenario, I think in 2017 alone I have seen, read and witnessed a lot of things that could have been private if not brought to social media. . . see, what determines what and what should be worthy of social media is personal and individually construed. What I think should make it to social media might not be what you think should make it there but the truth is in this age, everyone basically lives on social media. In all of these, I think what people haven’t considered is emotions has a lot to do with what people say and do not say on social media. It made me remember a time when people use to write stuff like chilling mode activated. . . current mood: in my room. . . etc. or days when throwing subs were the really shii. . . believe me people no longer throw subs online again.

Why was I spurred to write on this? I’ll say maybe it has everything to do with the recent development on the Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe. . . as a work in progress and as someone who also believes that God has a lot of plans for me beyond my literary writings, I try to draw a balance between my art and my other me when it comes to people. . . I don’t judge neither do I castigate cos I have understanding when it comes to mistakes, pains, low self esteem and staying stuck in a deadly environment. Seeing all the revelations flying around about her took me back to 2009 when I opened my facebook account (today isn’t about Mercy Aigbe. . . maybe some other time) and then I was in a relationship that drove me wild and mad and then having always being a writer, I used to write all these cryptic posts that it doesn’t take my friends who I am with in school, that knows me, my relationship to figure out that if I wasn’t addressing the man in my relationship, my post was relationship-motivated and then maybe I’m personally going through hard times, I could post something that could hint it etc. Now the truth is, it took me growing through my emotions, knowing that it’s okay that my emotions want to control me and somehow requires audience sometimes but I can control it too. . . none of us are saints when it comes to social media abuse. We’ve all misappropriated the social media one time or the other and if we take our time to reflect on it, we’d realize it has a lot to do with our emotional state as at that time. 

My point being that, often times it’s not social media education that we need, it’s emotion-control education that we need. If we all allow ourselves to grow through our emotions and be matured about them, even if we are going through pains, it wouldn’t be us talking about them and telling the whole world that we are dying but posting edifying things, funny things. Allowing myself to grow made me realize that I can not only post things that inspires people but I can also comment on what’s happening in the world on my social media page, I can contribute, post pictures of me and do a whole lot of things that aren’t energy sapping but won’t also leave me feeling frustrated the more after posting.

Depression which also boils down to emotions also contribute to this. When people are depressed, they lashed out on social media. I’ve been there before but the truth is no sane human will leave a suicide scare online unless a part of their emotional anatomy has been tampered with. People now throw coded subs online – something like ‘Say No to Domestic Violence’ and then you have something like ‘Say No to Cheating Wives etc.’ from another person that is related to the early poster. I am not assuming anything. . . I’m just saying when we are emotionally healthy and if we make it a point of duty to aspire to emotional healthiness daily, we won’t bring offline fights awaiting settlements online, we won’t bring family drama no one knew how it started online exposing ourselves and reaching no resolution.

In other words, emotions are not devoid of social media abuse. I hope we all aspire to emotional wholeness.

Happy Saturday! Kizzez😘😘😘

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