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Deborah Akingboye’s ‘FADING AWAY’: A Tale of Abuse, Love and Betrayal

Hello Ibukunwrites lovers! Happy Weekend. . . or let me just say Happy New Week already because it’s Sunday in a bit. 

Reviews are the perfect way to launch into the new week. Why is that? Why is because it helps you in itemizing what you need to spend your money on during the week in preparation for the coming weekend and one of the things I love to do apart from sleeping during the weekends is read some good and amazing books – books that get you changing reading positions because you just want to find the proper reading position to devour the creative truth of the writer; books that sets your emotion ablaze, give you goose pimples and probably get you reflecting on the past, addressing it, accepting what was, owning your truth and properly healing.

In this regards, I am reviewing an okadabooks bestseller and one of the most reviewed books on that platform too!😊 I’m talking about no other book but Debs of Debwritesblog’s Fading Away. Just in case you don’t know her white-collar job name😂😂 . . That reminds me, I know this writer but I won’t be bias in my review nonetheless.

Shall we review. . .

PC: @debwritesblog

Basically for me, FADING AWAY is an amazing piece with each page perfectly capturing toxic and abusive love; feeding on love crumbs and mastering the art of being okay. It is a tale of a young woman learning to live again, love again and finding hope after experiencing deep pain and heartbreak that made her think she was totally irredeemable. ~ Ibukunwrites.

Title: Fading Away

Genre: Poetry

Author: Deborah Akingboye 

Publisher: okadabooks

Year of Publication: 2017

Number of Pages: 44

From me to you, this is one of the best short but precise and very deep piece you could ever read! I don’t know anyone who could be most direct, blunt and unashamedly truthful about their experiences, failures and mistakes made at trying to rise above the pain than the writer of this book. This is a book that tells us how it feels to be shamed and be objectified by the people we love and how much more we could go out of our own ways and desires to make the other person happy and at the end of the day we realize we meant nothing.

FADING AWAY addresses how challenging it could be at times putting the pain to rest – that sometimes we could put ourselves at risk while trying to get it together; that we can greatly become accustomed to the pain that we become addicted and totally lose the know-how to receiving anything better; that we can become totally messed up and lose the essence of who we are and become indefinable to self.

Moving on was horrible

It was the worst experience

A terrible phase

I wanted to stay hurting

Wished to stay bleeding (page 38)

. . . and thinking we are too tainted to be wanted by any and we settle for whatever that comes our way even though we know we are not being treated well and when we decide to move on, we drop the desire for love where we last gave it all.

I felt useless

A failure

A sucker

Life has messed with me twice

Love has stabbed me

numerous times. (page 35)

Basically for me, FADING AWAY is an amazing piece with each page perfectly capturing toxic and abusive love; feeding on love crumbs and mastering the art of being okay. It is a tale of a young woman learning to live again, love again and finding hope after experiencing deep pain and heartbreak that made her think she was totally irredeemable


It was slow



I thought I was gone

But you found me (page 38)

You know what I love about this book, it teaches that at the end of the day, losing ourselves is also finding ourselves because at the end, we always come to a place of realization that we are more than enough and we deserve to have just as much as we bring to the table and offer and we need to stop the culture of making excuses for these men we know deeply don’t love us.

Let me stop here before I say too much or share the whole book for free. . .😊

Recommendation: This is a book for every woman who has journeyed this path because most of us have. This is a book for that woman who is hard on herself; that woman who thinks she is destined for pain and finds it very hard to forgive herself for mistakes made and probably feels, how could I allow that again! This is for you if you have been previously brokenhearted, finding your way through healing, currently going through heartbreak and hurt. FADING AWAY will go through your grief with you; it’ll teach you to go one step at a time; to experience each stage because that’s when you can achieve climax – wholeness.

I no longer had to pretend to be strong

or feign being fine

I am fine

I stopped fading away

I started loving right

I healed completely

I started manifesting (page 43)

FADING AWAY will help you accept your truth and lead you to that place where your definition of you goes beyond the ugliness. Believe me, with FADING AWAY, you’re about to love yourself more than ever and understand you have to be a flour first to be a bread; that the previous heartbreaks taught you never to settle and reminded you that you were worth more! – PURPOSE.

I started understanding purpose

the journey was needed

went through the pain

to appreciate peace

was hurt

to understand happiness


to feel worthy

the storm

to appreciate calm (page 41)

Reservations: Absolutely none. I sorta wish it was longer but I realized the beauty was in the precision.

Rating: Yea, I’m giving this book a 10! Unless I want to be like some teachers who say it’s not possible to have all the teacher’s marks. . .

Well done dearie! When are you writing another though?. . .👏😉

You can get this book on;

1. – just search FADING AWAY. It’s just N300; way too affordable for the great contents.

2. You can follow the writer for more of her works @debwritesblog on IG and Twitter and you can also subscribe to her blog here Debwritesblog

Till I come your way again. . . don’t stop refreshing, subscribing and following all social media platforms! Tell your friends she’s back with a bang! Kizzez😘😘😘

~ ©2017. Ibukunwrites.


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  1. Wow! Ebukun…I’m in tears 🙊🙊🙊 This is the best review I’ve read on my book. I did not even realize all you shared and mentioned and touched until now. Thanks so much my darling! I love you 💙💙💙

    Another one is coming soon 😁 laziness won’t let me be great ☺️

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