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Deborah Akingboye’s ‘FADING AWAY’: A Tale of Abuse, Love and Betrayal

Hello Ibukunwrites lovers! Happy Weekend. . . or let me just say Happy New Week already because it's Sunday in a bit.  Reviews are the perfect way to launch into the new week. Why is that? Why is because it helps you in itemizing what you need to spend your money on during the week… Continue reading Deborah Akingboye’s ‘FADING AWAY’: A Tale of Abuse, Love and Betrayal

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My Public Transport Diaries Episode 1 – I B A D A N

I B A D A N . . . the only city whose garage I once passed the night! I remember that month, it was December. I had left Kebbi past 9, entered Ojo some minutes after 12.00a.m. I had to sleep at the garage with my eyes half shut and my mind wide awake… Continue reading My Public Transport Diaries Episode 1 – I B A D A N

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While I was Away. . . 

It is very refreshing to go away and take a break, to clear your head, and just get into something else. Francois Nars. A Happy Sallah Break guys! And A Happy New Week to y’all. I know it must feel uber cool to be resting on a Monday morning. At least, if I can’t speak… Continue reading While I was Away. . . 

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The Tasha-Nicki Collab

​“. . . Whether it’s Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole or Common there are a lot of artists, especially rappers, who come from a background with a faith-based substance, and it’s time for that substance to be celebrated and appreciated.” Kirk Franklin. Hi guys! Guess who’s back? Me!!! It feels so great to be back.… Continue reading The Tasha-Nicki Collab

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Hi, I’m Due!

It’s the 2nd day of June and it’s been 31 days since I posted here and I want to say a very happy new month to you all. It’s not by power that we made it into the sixth month of the year which is a pointer that we have lived half of the year… Continue reading Hi, I’m Due!

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It’s May || Monthly Stocktaking

Happy New Month guys! Welcome to another new month. . . for me, this is another exciting opportunity to do a review of the old month and my expectations for the new month. Yesterday, the 30th April was my Dad’s birthday and not only am I grateful for another new journey he has started but… Continue reading It’s May || Monthly Stocktaking

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Weekend Randoms: Emotions and Social Media Abuse

​Inawuni guys! Welcome to another weekend! Hope the week wasn’t too stressful! Well, number one, I want to applaud myself for being a little more than consistent ever since I did that post on being back and I was gonna be here before Friday buh I couldn’t make it because I had a roughly 2-day… Continue reading Weekend Randoms: Emotions and Social Media Abuse